New French Edition book on Children’s Rights

foreword by Raffi
high res photo of FR coversp. 53 Denonce l'intimidationNew book by Anne Huestis Scott

Have you ever wondered about children’s rights? Do you know that all children have the right to play and relax, and the right to be protected from being hurt? Are you aware that some children do not have their rights respected?

Let’s Make It Right tells about children’s rights with over 90 photos of children from 26 countries around the world.


“This book is a wonderful introduction to a topic of the utmost importance. So glad you wrote this book.” -Raffi, singer, author, founder of Centre For Child Honouring, Salt Spring Island, BC


a-Ollie 2 SAT happy copy

UN Ollie serves as a guide throughout this book, naming and illustrating children’s rights. Suitable for children, ages 7-12.




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