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I gave 11 presentations on my book while volunteering at a school in Jamaica.

I gave 11 presentations on my book while volunteering at a school in Jamaica in January, 2014.


Anne Scott had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Chandler Roosevelt Lindsley, Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s granddaughter, at Campobello Island, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Franklin D. Roosevelt International Bridge. August 4. 2012

Mrs. Lindsley was delighted to receive a copy of “The Boy Who Was Bullied”. She remembered her grandmother talking about John Humphrey in the early days of the United Nations (1947). Mrs. Lindsley said that her grandmother considered John as an ‘ally’ when they worked together on the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

3000 copies ofThe Boy Who Was Bullied” have been sold since the first printing in October, 2011. Any profits from the sale of the book, realized by the author, will be reinvested in Human Rights work for children.

A book launch at the United Nations in New York City, hosted by Ambassador Guillermo E. Rishchynski, Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations, was held on December 12th, 2012.

  • The New Brunswick Department of Education has approved the book as a supplementary source for Elementary/Middle School Social Studies Curriculum [Anglophone sector]. 600 copies have been distributed to New Brunswick Schools.
  • NB Premier David Alward has requested the book be reviewed by the Guidance Advisory Committee to determine if it might be an appropriate resource for use within the New Brunswick guidance curriculum. The Premier wrote: “The story of John Peters Humphrey is an inspiring story that will encourage students to persevere in difficult circumstances. It will also help to raise awareness on the very serious issue of bullying.” in print, October, 2012
  • The Prince Edward Island Department of Education has approved The Boy Who Was Bullied as a resource for their Grade 7 Curriculum on Empowerment.
  • Anti-Bullying Programs and Bullying Awareness supported. The book ties into the theme of bullying awareness by helping raise students’ understanding of the importance of Human Rights and of their responsibility to support those whose human rights are being abused [standing up to bullies and befriending the victim].
  • French-language translation of the book, Au-delà de l’intimidation has been completed.  The book was translated into French by professional translator, Suzanne Bernard. It is now available in bookstores.
  • International Schools Distribution beginning. A number of International Schools in Canada and abroad have been invited to use the book as a classroom resource for their human rights curriculum. [To date, Glen Margaret Publishing has received orders from International Schools in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland; Budapest, Hungary; and two schools in Germany.]
    By March, 2013, it should be available around the world through Lightning Source.
  • International Interest. Stephen Archer, MD, is an internationally known cardiologist and dedicated educator practising at the University of Chicago Medicine. Dr. Archer read The Boy Who Was Bullied while on flight from eastern Canada. “I enjoyed the book very much. It was well written. Every young person should have the opportunity to read it!”


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