The above photo  was taken at the Library Penthouse, United Nations, New York City on December 12, 2012 on the occasion of the international book launch of “The Boy Who Was Bullied”and the French edition, “Au-dela de l’intimidation”. Photo, l-r, His Excellency Ivan Simonovic-Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Anne Scott-author, His Excellency’s Assistant, David Huestis-author’s brother.

“I’m humbled and thrilled that you would like to include the story of how Free The Children began in your book. I hope that the young people who read it enjoy the story and acting out the skit! [See Skit 6, p. 166]” –Craig Kielburger, Founder of Free The Children (now WE charity)

“The book is an easy read for both students and adults and every citizen should take the opportunity to learn about this great but often overlooked Canadian hero.” – Randy Dickinson, Chairperson of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission

“John Humphrey came from a small town, Hampton, in a small province, New Brunswick, but nonetheless went on to make a contribution to all of humanity. The Boy Who Was Bullied, the story about the life of John Peters Humphrey, can serve as a source of inspiration to young Canadians and a source of pride to all Canadians.” – Israel Unger, Dean of Science Emeritus, University of New Brunswick; Holocaust Survivor

“Your presentation was awesome.” – Grade 5 teacher, Island View Elementary School, Saint John, NB

“A sincere thanks for your visit with us – all of your books were snatched up by students last evening – they were really touched by the story!!! My own daughter also asked for the book and read it all last evening!!!” –Barb Corbett, Principal, Connaught St. Elementary, Fredericton, NB

“Thank you so much. The students were very engaged in your presentation. I look forward to conducting a literature circle with my students after March Break using your book.”- Sheila Baker, grade 4 teacher, Oromocto, NB

“The students and I enjoyed your presentation on Monday! We have had so much fun since, rapping and performing skits in class! It is a wonderful feeling seeing the kids excited about Human Rights!” – Anna Saindon, grade 3 teacher, Garden Creek Elementary School, Fredericton, NB

“Excellent, excellent read! Can’t wait to give it to the kids at Christmas!” – Martha Humphrey, St. Stephen, NB.

 “Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation today. When I returned to my class I heard echoes of the grade 7 kids saying, ‘Yeah…you bought us a copy of the book.’ They meant it with such sincerity that I wanted to pass it along right away.” – Elizabeth Andrews, Middle School teacher, Chipman, NB.

 “An excellent story for all students! The life and determination of John Peters Humphrey holds many lessons for today’s youth.” – Joan McFarlane, retired elementary school principal, Rothesay, NB

“Our students were fully engaged and attentive as they listened to Anne’s presentation. They were able to make great connections, and gained a new appreciation for the writing process. Her book has really captured them.” – Lori Harding-Colpitts, Literacy Lead, Florenceville Elementary School, NB

“Anne’s presentation of The Boy Who Was Bullied was extremely well received and talked about by staff and students. The presentation was interactive, very informative and inspiring. Anne’s passion in writing The Boy Who Was Bullied and in conveying the message to the students was truly evident in her presentation. I would highly recommend this presentation!”- Greg Moffitt, Principal, Garden Creek Elementary School, Fredericton, NB

“Anne’s presentation was all we had hoped for and more.”- Teacher, Harold Peters Middle School, Oromocto, NB

“Thank you so much for giving our students new knowledge, history and skills to deal with this issue.” – Katherine Campbell, Principal, McAdam Avenue Elementary School, Fredericton, NB

“This week I finished reading your book. It is a wonderful book – so well and carefully written – a great learning opportunity for young people and for me as well. I’m ashamed to say that I knew nothing about John Peters Humphrey but I do now! I’m so glad you did all that research and wrote his story. People’s lives are so amazing and too often unsung.” – Betty Ann Darby, Retired United Church Minister

“Reading the third skit took me right back to my childhood, and brought tears to my eyes. Feels rather silly, but goes to show that bullying leaves scars that are far beyond superficial.” – Suzanne

“I have just recently read your wonderful book, The Boy Who Was Bullied. I am wondering if John Peters Humphrey’s accomplishments are being recognized as they should be in schools, not only in the Atlantic Provinces, but in Canada? Your book, and recognition for this remarkable man, should be part of each school’s curriculum, especially now when bullying, it seems, is even more prevalent and pervasive.” – Carol Veinotte, Halifax, NS

“We really enjoyed ourselves at your book launch. Congratulations on the book and I can’t wait to read it! I had a tear in my eye a couple of times listening to you talk last night. I’m proud to say that I know someone who wrote a book that I believe will mean so much to a lot of people.” – Wanda Barton, Cumberland Bay

“In 1998, Maclean’s magazine named [John Humphrey] one of the most important Canadians in history, having made a tremendous impact on the world. But Scott is dismayed that not many people know about him.  ‘The Boy Who Was Bullied is more than a New Brunswick story and is more than a Canadian story,’ [the author] says. ‘John Humphrey was an internationally respected advocate for human rights.’” –Jeffrey Simpson, freelance journalist, “Rights Advocate Overcame Disability,” Halifax Chronicle Herald, February 26, 2012

“Thank you for securing donations of The Boy Who Was Bullied for New Brunswick elementary and middle schools. One middle school has indicated that the book is in such demand that it’s been placed on a two-week reserve in their library!” – Barb Hillman, Learning Specialist, Social Studies K-12, Educational Programs & Services, New Brunswick

“Due to the generosity of Hampton Pharmasave, three Hampton area schools received 30 copies each of The Boy Who Was Bullied. The book tells the story of the life of John Peters Humphrey, drafter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights –one of the most important documents ever written. Trevor Moulton of Hampton Pharmasave was present at one of the school presentations and said, ‘It is our great pleasure to donate copies of Anne Scott’s book The Boy Who Was Bullied to local schools. Anne’s book is vitally important, as it carries for all people a powerful message, bound by neither time nor place.’” – Hampton Herald, February 21, 2012

“The story of John Peters Humphrey is an inspiring story that will encourage students to persevere in difficult circumstances. It will also help to raise awareness on the very serious issue of bullying.” – Honourable David Alward, Premier, New Brunswick

The Boy Who was Bullied is a tremendous accomplishment, a wonderful testament to John and his lasting legacy. I was particularly pleased to see your inclusion of resources to assist teachers in creating human rights educational activities for their own students.” The Hon. Noel Kinsella, Speaker of the Canadian Senate

“I would like to pass along the powerful interest your book has ignited in students in our school. Each child can identify with the story of John Peters Humphrey’s great loss, pain, struggle and ultimate triumph —igniting interest in the world of human rights and rich discussions on social injustice, morality, war, slavery and discrimination.” Donna Veniot, Teacher, Hampton Elementary School. NB

“My students LOVED this book! They were able to compare their own lives to that of John; this sometimes brought sadness and tears. It touched all of our hearts! The book was a great way to show students the impact of bullying, as well as why it is important to give your best and stay positive!” Jennifer Smith, Teacher, Florenceville Elementary School, NB

“I read The Boy Who Was Bullied over the weekend and I was very touched. My students are going to enjoy the story and the wonderful pictures. This is a must read for students.” Lucy LeBlanc, Teacher, Glen Falls School, NB

“Celebrated Canadian human rights advocate John Peters Humphrey often said the most important thing was to spread the human rights message to the young. Retired teacher Anne Scott has produced a fact-based children’s book about the life of a great Canadian. With an engaging story and many illustrations, it is designed both for classroom use and as an enjoyable read.”  John Hobbins, Literary executor of John Peters Humphrey, McGill University

Kristan Cloney, teacher, Milltown Elementary School, NB

“The Boy Who Was Bullied” fits so well into our social studies program. I started reading it to my class and each day

when I stopped, they would say,

“Can we have five more minutes of the book? Please, just five more minutes!” It’s been a really big hit!

Kristan Cloney, grade 4 Teacher, Milltown Elementary School, NB

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